FB Cleaning Brush

The FB Cleaning Brush is a high-quality tool with exchangeable brush heads for cleaning leaf chains.

With this simple but ingenious and remarkably effective little device, cleaning the chain becomes an easy, relatively clean and quick job.

Problems often arise after lubricating the leaf chain. Lubricant residues remain on the outside of the chain and have not penetrated the joints.


If these residues combine with dust and dirt, this can prevent the lubricant from flowing in and thus affect the longevity of the chain. Dirt and deposits can be removed with the FB Ketten Cleaning Brush, so that the lubricant can get between the link plates and the bolts when lubricating again.

The life of a leaf chain, properly lubricated and cleaned, can be up to 60 times longer than that of a poorly lubricated and neglected chain.

cleaning brush by FB Ketten