FB Chain Wear Gauge

The KML is a professional wear measuring tool for leaf chains, lifting chains and roller chains with inch pitches from 3/8 to 3 inches.

The KML is the most accurate and most suitable equipment for measuring chain wear and is often used in the inspection of hoists according to the LOLER and PUWER regulations. When testing masts, this chain wear gauge should be in your toolbox!

The FB chain wear gauge enables you to easily and precisely check the chain wear during every maintenance and to take the necessary measures. Easy to use and with no electronic parts that can fail:

The KML shows you how much a chain is worn. It measures the degree of wear in 0.25% steps from 0% to 4% and shows a red warning area at 2%.

Many other chain wear gauges only indicate if a chain is worn or not. With the exact details of the FB chain wear gauge, you can see if the chain needs to be replaced in the next maintenance interval, or if the chain already poses a safety risk and needs to be replaced immediately.

The FB chain wear gauge is available as a metal or plastic version in German, English and French!

Benefit from the advantages and experiences of the FB chain wear gauge opposite to other products:

  • easy to use
  • repeatable measurements guaranteed
  • clearly readable measurement result
  • no parallax errors
  • durable measuring tool
  • chain changes can be planned


Chain wear gauges keep forklifts safe

Although the majority of forklift truck cases are due to human fail, forklift truck maintenance and repair is a significant role in creating a safe work environment.

The internationally recognized and established measuring tool is the most frequently used tool in Europe and has been sold in 40 countries worldwide since it was first introduced. FB Ketten GmbH sells this excellent measuring tool just as successfully in Germany.

Chain Wear Gauge by FB Ketten