Leaf chains with SuperShield surface-coating

SuperShield surface-coating

The environmentally friendly surface coating – free of chrome 6 – fulfils the requirements of the REACH_Regulation (1907_20006_EG), the delegated directive 2015_863_EU and 2002/95/CE.

SuperShield coated FB roller- and leaf chains – the chrome free answer to the regulations of environmental authorities and the requirements of the automotive industry. 

Therefore, FB leaf chains with SuperShield coating are the perfect, environmentally friendly solution for forklifts as well as for lifting applications in the food industry, chemical industry, fertilizer production and other corrosive applications.

  • thin-layer, not electrolytic

  • the coating consists of a water-based mixture

  • passivated zinc and aluminium flakes in one binder, patented

  • silver coloured

  • controlled coefficients of friction

  • no hydrogen embrittlement

  • good mechanical (test method D24 1312) and chemical resistance (test VDA 621-412)

  • temperature resistant like the chains

  • can be painted over

  • electrically conductive

  • easily recyclable

  • can be used in the food industry

SuperShield surface-coating