FB leaf chains

FB Ketten is characterized by the highest quality in the range of chains for industrial applications.

At all of our locations in Europe we have a wide range of leaf chains, chain anchors and holders, connecting pins as well as sprockets for manufacturers and users of industrial trucks.

We can deliver ready-to-install chain strands according to your requirements with attachments that are matched to one another.

This saves time and money when maintaining your industrial trucks.


Specification and advice from experts

After decades of experience in working with leaf chains, our application engineers are well positioned to offer our customers the ideal solution for their individual needs. 

We are able to recommend the correct design and quality of the product, as well as various heat treatments, coatings and lubricants based on the type of application. Use our service for your application!


High quality leaf chains

Our leaf chains and components are made of special steels using the latest technologies and production processes. 
The used steels have been specially selected in order to achieve an extended lifetime with regard to the high impact loads. Our leaf chains are also dynamically pre-stretched.

As a result, FB leaf chains offer higher fatigue strength values ​​and higher breaking loads than specified by DIN, minimal elongation due to attrition and a longer service lifetime, with absolute CE conformity. You can benefit from our quality and our service.

Safety is the top priority

Our excellent reputation is based not only on the high quality of our products, but also on our service and the traceability of all batches.
All of our chains and components are fully traceable using the unique batch numbers on the product itself.
For every chain we deliver, we create a test certificate which explicitly shows in detail the batch number, order number, minimum breaking force and the tested breaking load. With this system we guarantee 100 percent batch traceability and consequently the greatest possible transparency regarding our production standards.